Wreck Runner's Reclamations
Item Type Rarity Price
Frayed Lead Sap Gloves Hand-to-Hand Club Common 286.76 cr
Weird, Broken Handle Hand-to-Hand Club Common 294.80 cr
Wheel Brace Mace Hand-to-Hand Club Common 268.00 cr
Combat Suit Impact Armor Common 233.16 cr
Corroded Combat Vest Piercing Armor Common 238.52 cr
Mildewed Leather Duster Impact Armor Common 273.36 cr
Moth Eaten Kimono Impact Armor Common 259.96 cr
Standard Agility Stim, v2.2.002 Medical Common 83.08 cr
Standard Intelligence Stim, v1.2.016 Medical Rare 40.20 cr
Standard Stamina Stim, v2.2.004 Medical Common 83.08 cr
Standard Strength Stim, v1.2.001 Medical Rare 40.20 cr

Located on KĂžbenhavn

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