Yasutsuna Corp
Item Type Rarity Price
Aged Kodachi Hand-to-Hand Blade Rare 19110.99 cr
Aged Navigator’s Tsurugi Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 1770.05 cr
Alpha Prime Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 15902.77 cr
Antique Tantō Hand-to-Hand Blade Epic 680 Bonds
Cadet's Epee Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 7799.27 cr
Clockwork Cactus Hand-to-Hand Blade Epic 1815 Bonds
Consortium Jian Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 7098.63 cr
Eclipse Wakizashi Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 15994.96 cr
Epee Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 7467.39 cr
Fawnskipper Hand-to-Hand Blade Epic 1825 Bonds
Han-Dachi Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 11837.20 cr
Kyarr Moon Hand-to-Hand Blade Epic 730 Bonds
Kyarr Sun Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 6840.50 cr
One Life Kaiken Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 6610.02 cr
Paris Sabre Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 11615.94 cr
Protectorate Dao Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 7873.03 cr
Respectable Wakizashi Hand-to-Hand Blade Epic 1770 Bonds
Security Katana Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 7679.43 cr
Ship Captain’s Cutlass Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 1816.14 cr
Simple Student’s Katana Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 967.99 cr
Staff of Minos Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 3226.65 cr
Sword of Many Truths Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 16492.79 cr
Worn Down Bokken Hand-to-Hand Club Common 958.78 cr
Anti-Energy Kataginu Energy Armor Uncommon 11625.16 cr
Anubis Armor Energy Armor Rare 19295.37 cr
Black Raven Armor Impact Armor Common 7227.70 cr
Chitinous Cuirass Energy Armor Uncommon 11615.94 cr
Composite Dō Piercing Armor Common 6895.81 cr
Dō-maru Piercing Armor Uncommon 24946.61 cr
Forest Walker Armor Impact Armor Uncommon 25665.70 cr
Heavy Dō-maru Impact Armor Common 56636.93 cr
Kikko Katabira Impact Armor Uncommon 25785.54 cr
Light Tatami Gusoku Impact Armor Common 6674.56 cr
Mirrored Kikko Armor Energy Armor Common 18668.47 cr
Reinforced Hitatare Impact Armor Common 6379.55 cr
Shrike Armor Piercing Armor Common 18714.57 cr
Terracotta Armor Piercing Armor Epic 735 Bonds
Yōkai Cloak Impact Armor Rare 19396.78 cr

Located on Hopkins' Legacy

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