YZ Ceti

YZ Ceti, also known as Luyten 725-32, is a red dwarf in the constellation Cetus the Whale. It is almost three times closer to its nearest neighbor, Tau Ceti, than Sol is to its nearest neighbor, Alpha Centauri. YZ Ceti is a flare star that intermittently undergoes unpredictable increases in brightness, which creates some challenges for the system's four Consortium space stations (collectively known as the "Iron Quad").

YZ Ceti was chosen as a secretive Consortium R&D hub back in the Before, for reasons which are now poorly understood. Some think it was the abundant raw materials of nearby Tau Ceti which caught the eye of Consortium planners all those cycles ago, though lack of a direct wormhole link undermines the theory. Others suspect military considerations played a part in the decision, with the system’s single point of wormhole access making defending its top-secret activities relatively simple.

Today, the system’s four high-security stations, casually known as the ‘Iron Quad’, remain under Consortium control. Together they facilitate a push to reacquire lost technical expertise in the fields of robotics, chemical and biological agents, and communications. Ostensibly devoted to both civilian and military applications, these stations pull in work-seeking techno-specialists from far and wide.

The Gaule keep a close, and sometimes paranoid, watch over developments here; a right enshrined in the Nouveau Limoges accords of 92 AC. In theory, this access-agreement should allay mistrust between the two great powers, calming any potential arms race and reducing the chances of future conflict. But in practice, it does little to quell Gaule suspicions of Consortium culpability for the Catastrophe - nor reduce their fears of a possible repeat scenario.


Spectral Type: M5
Distance to Sol: 12.12 light years
Route from Sol: Sol —> L 726-8 —> YZ Ceti
Stations: 4


Station TLA Level Affiliation
YZ Ceti Jump Gate CJG 26 Consortium
Asimov Freehold ASI 26 Consortium
Cape Verde Stronghold CVS 26 Consortium
Spirit of New York City NYC 27 Consortium

Points of Interest


  • Cape Verde Stronghold

Cosmic Explorer text

Hey there galaxy fans! Your old pal Jacqueline Valance here with the latest truths, both harsh and mellow, to shine light on the world they’re tryin’ to pull over your eyes!

It’s time to wake up and smell the war brewin’ in this corner of the galaxy. Y’all ever been to YZ Ceti? Don’t! Let me tell you right now, the Iron Quad ain’t no holiday destination!

What we’ve got here are three main stations plus the jump gate, all Consortium owned, all pretty vague in what they do. I mean, sure they disclose their ‘official capacity’ all proper like with all the bells and whistles, but what really goes on there?

Anyone tries scratching the surface and they clam up tighter than a level three plasma coil. Hells, you’re just as likely to find yourself languishing in one of their shiny brig-cells for a ten-span or three.

We got Asimov Freehold, shiny and white from the oh so genuine smiles to their gleaming sterile hallways. Robotics research they say, but should you ask for specifics, and we did, and they just flash those pearly whites and walk away. There is zero doubt in this humble reporter’s mind that they’re aiming to weaponize those walking toasters. You mark my words!

Next up, Cape Verde Stronghold. Now these fellers are less disingenuous about the exact nature of what they do and frankly, it’s terrifying! Whole place is plastered with hazard warnings and holo-posters promising a whole mess of pain and misery if you mosey into this room or that. Chemical weapons and biotech man, the station is dripping with the stuff and they’re brazen about it. They’re brewin’ up one hell of a cocktail and I don’t wanna be around for happy hour!

And finally, we got the old Spirit of New York City. Folks let me tell you, this whole place is one giant pin cushion of antennae and sensor arrays sticking out from every surface, window, and asteroid marked corner of the station. What are they lookin’ at? Hells, what are they looking for? It surely ain’t no coincidence that half the things are pointing straight down at the planetoid below.

Mark me well folks and folkettes, the Consortium has the Iron Quad wrapped tighter than a grip of well, y’know…Iron. There’s some shifty goings on there and it ain’t gonna end well. Now I may be just a humble freebooter with a pirate broadcast but you listen to old Jacqui; when the bio-waste hits the plasma coil, you just head to the nearest bar and keep your head down in a pint of something sticky and intoxicating.

Galactic Destinations text

Welcome, loyal listeners, to another exciting edition of Galactic Destinations. This time we head to YZ Ceti’s Jump Gate and, Stars, have we got a scoop for you! This station is the entry point into what is colloquially known as the ‘Iron Quad’ system. This quartet of stations is high on security and extremely…

…Unauthorised transmission intercepted: Initializing protocol “Dropping Eaves.” Standby for confirmation of illegal activity…

…then feel free to listen on!

YZ Ceti Jump Gate is the first of four stations in this system. The other three are the Consortium controlled research stations: Cape Verde Stronghold, Spirit of New York City, and Asimov Freehold. They deal in Biochemical research, System Surveillance (?), and Robotics research respectively but, as we have found, they don’t divulge anything more insightful than that.

Here at the Jump Gate, tensions are quite high, at least if you are non-Consortium. Even then, one must have the appropriate clearance levels to make any sort of headway (which we procured by perhaps less than legitimate means, but only because its so smogging difficult to get around the place, and just so we can have a look and bring you this broadcast).

….Confirmation of suspected illegal activity, standby…

Many travellers find that the Jump Gate is their final destination for exactly this reason. The lucky few of the intrepid, curious, or seeking a potential opportunity are simply refused further travel and are forced to travel back to their point of origin. The port is quite busy with this extra throng of visitors escorted back to their ships. Others, who may be viewed as potential security threats or with less than legitimate stories may find themselves serving an extended brig stay too.

There are even rumors, unsubstantiated of course, of swifter and deadlier solutions in the form of security drones tracking and ‘dealing’ with citizens who may have been flagged by the highly paranoid security system aboard the station. We just walked by “The Cold Star,” one of the local bars, where…

…Location established. Drone dispatched…

…and he was led away without further explanation!

Make no mistake listeners, this location is neither one for the curious traveler, nor the enterprising businessman. The Iron Quad is very much a system that the Consortium seem to need to keep classified. This feeling is prevalent throughout the station from the scrutinizing glances of personnel here towards strangers or the extremely high level of security and even…

Apologies listeners, we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Where is that humming coming from?

….Unauthorised broadcast discontinued. Waste disposal crew has been informed. Current operation logged and closed…

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