Zana's Personal Trades
Item Type Rarity Price
Belt Knife Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 255.19 cr
Bewm Bewm Ranged Shotgun Common 241.27 cr
Boomer Ranged Handgun Common 238.95 cr
Bowie knife Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 241.27 cr
Carbon Club Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 433.10 cr
Carby Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 225.03 cr
Cargo Crank Hand-to-Hand Club Common 248.23 cr
Charge Cable Hand-to-Hand Club Common 222.71 cr
Ear Piercer Ranged Sniper Rifle Uncommon 457.02 cr
Filtration Pipe Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 818.92 cr
G-220 Ranged Handgun Uncommon 450.06 cr
G-73 Ranged Sniper Rifle Uncommon 457.02 cr
Half-Broken Multi-Tool Hand-to-Hand Club Common 248.23 cr
Homemade Taser Hand-to-Hand Club Common 201.83 cr
Interconnected Steel Rings Hand-to-Hand Club Common 255.19 cr
Mama's Pride Ranged Shotgun Uncommon 447.74 cr
Nail Cudgel Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 431.50 cr
OfficerC1 Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 238.95 cr
Old Shoe Hand-to-Hand Club Common 220.39 cr
Primitive Tonfa Hand-to-Hand Club Common 227.35 cr
Pulse Rifle Ranged Rifle Uncommon 431.50 cr
Rusty Shotel Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 440.78 cr
Shank Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 234.31 cr
Shredder Ranged Shotgun Common 252.87 cr
Snub Laser Ranged Handgun Common 206.47 cr
Standard Energy Frame Ranged Handgun Common 241.27 cr
Starfish Kris Hand-to-Hand Blade Rare 814.28 cr
Stun Stick Hand-to-Hand Club Common 229.67 cr
Vera Ranged Rifle Uncommon 438.46 cr
Wheel Brace Mace Hand-to-Hand Club Common 231.99 cr
Alamin Kinetic Vest Impact Armor Common 204.15 cr
Anti-Energy Coat Energy Armor Uncommon 438.46 cr
Anti-Energy Jump Suit Energy Armor Uncommon 436.14 cr
Anti-Energy Suit Energy Armor Rare 816.60 cr
Anti-Energy Vest Energy Armor Common 222.71 cr
Anti-Energy Work Suit Energy Armor Rare 809.65 cr
Battered Breastplate Piercing Armor Common 238.95 cr
Burnished Scale Mail Piercing Armor Uncommon 436.14 cr
Caen’s Ribbed Jacket Energy Armor Epic 735 Bonds
Cracked Bodysuit Impact Armor Common 208.79 cr
Half Caped Leather Duster Impact Armor Common 250.55 cr
Light Plate Armor Piercing Armor Uncommon 447.74 cr
Mirror Covered Jacket Energy Armor Rare 825.88 cr
Padded Combat Suit Impact Armor Common 197.19 cr
Padded Overalls Energy Armor Rare 828.20 cr
Patchwork Bomber Impact Armor Rare 825.88 cr
Putrid Plate Mail Impact Armor Common 225.03 cr
Reinforced Jumpsuit Impact Armor Common 204.15 cr
Rusted Pipe Mail Piercing Armor Rare 830.52 cr
Rusted Ring Tunic Impact Armor Uncommon 447.74 cr
Scavenger Plate Impact Armor Common 187.91 cr
Scorched Electrician's Suit Impact Armor Common 215.75 cr
Scratchy Tunic Impact Armor Common 231.99 cr
Shabby Uniform Impact Armor Common 222.71 cr
Shattered Ballistic Vest Energy Armor Common 201.83 cr
The Robe of Rotten Embroidery Impact Armor Common 204.15 cr
Unzippable Jumpsuit Energy Armor Common 241.27 cr
Worn Diffusion Armor Energy Armor Common 255.19 cr

Located on Taungoo Station

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